5 Spiritual Lessons that also Relate to Skiing

With our fifth though eight grade students going to Afton Alps Ski area today, I thought I would list 5 spiritual lessons that parallel the activity of skiing. Learn these spiritual lessons. (Romans 5:14; II Timothy 3:14)

1) Be in control of yourself at all times. Skiers are to control themselves at all times so as not to cause an accident or harm to others. The same is true of Christians. We are to control ourselves at all times.

2) Sooner or later we all need a lift. Be an encouragement to others. While we need encouragement and help for ourselves, we should strive to be a blessing also to others.

3) Enjoy the journey. People who ski enjoy the beauty and journey of going down the hill. It is exciting and can be a true blessing. The same should be true of our Christian life. Are you enjoying your journey today.

4) Learn to use the right equipment. Gloves, hats, and skis are a must and are a protection for the skier. We have the Bible. We have the Holy Spirit if we know Christ as Saviour. Are you using the right tools.

5) When you fall down, get back up. Everyone will fall at times. Get back up, and be sure to keep serving God.

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  1. Tammy says:

    That’s why I don’t ski you have to lean over way too far!!

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