Youth Choir for Teenagers

These tutorials, providing specific instruction for Youth Service Night at First Baptist, are for our teenagers who are willing to serve in their local church. For any teenager who is interested in being involved with our youth choir, please observe the following:

1. Dress appropriately. Men should be in at least a shirt and tie. We would like for them to wear a suitcoat. Ladies, please wear your Sunday best. All clothing should be modest and in good taste.
2. Please be prepared for the song by being in Youth Chapel. This is when we practice the song together as a group.
3. Do not be late. Please be in your place at 5:55 p.m. during the Sunday evening service for the Youth Service night.
4. Do not talk during the service while in the choir area. People can see you. It is distracting others.
5. Do not chew gum.
6. Smile while you are up there. Smile while you sing. Remember, you are singing for God’s glory.
7. Follow the choir director.
8. Do not make any excessive noise or jesters or motion while up on the platform.

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