Ushering for Teenagers

These tutorials, providing specific instruction for youth service night at First Baptist, are for our teenagers who are willing to serve in their local church. For young men who are interested in ushering in church, please observe the following:

The job of ushering is an important ministry. Ushers are the first people that first-time visitors see. One may think that the task of ushering is not as glamorous as another job in the church, but the truth is, we could not do without ushers.

Please keep the following in mind if you are able to usher.
1.    Proper attire for an usher is a suit coat and tie. Do not wear clothing that is loud and would draw extra attention to yourself.
2.    A proper haircut is important, one that has hair off of the collar and ears. Hair should also be out of the eyes.
3.    A teenager should have a clean shaven face.
4.    Each usher should greet everyone with a smile as they enter for the service, especially new Christians and visitors. Please make people feel welcome. Be courteous at all times.
5.    Be at your usher station ten (10) minutes prior to the start of the service. Do not leave your station except for the necessary duties as required of an usher.
6.    An usher has the responsbility of seating people who arrive late. Be on the lookout and know where available seats in the auditorium may be.
7.    Ushers should distribute bulletins, visitor cards, and take the offering.
8.    Ushers should be ready to assist the head usher in emergencies as well as in general.
9.    Ushers may be called upon to escort mothers and fathers with babies to the nursery.
10.    Do not chew gum while on duty as an usher.
11.    Any talking should be limited to the duties of an usher.
12.    While standing, refrain from leaning against any object. Stand with both feet on the floor.
13.    Be especially aware and ready to assist the pastor as needed.
14.    Ushers should stand in the doorway during prayer, special music, testimonies, and invitations to prevent people from entering so as not to distract during these times.  Also, remember to open the door for mothers who may be burdened with various children’s needs heading to the restroom or nursery.
15.    Count the number of people in your section and report this number to the head usher.

Remember your duties as an usher are very important. It is vital that you as an usher be aware of what is going on around you. Help people and be a servant. Work at diffusing distractions in the service, and help to greet and seat people in a very polite manner.

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