Songleading for Teenagers

These tutorials, providing specific instruction for Youth Service Night at First Baptist, are for our teenagers who are willing to serve in their local church. For young men who are interested in leading the congregational singing in church, please observe the following:

1. Dress appropriately (dress shirt, tie, and suitcoat).
2. Go over the songs with the piano player first, and be prepared.
3. Simply announce the congregational number at least twice. Have the audience stand when appropriate.
4. Work with the existing song director on helps and being mentored about what to do.
5. Practice the songs with the piano player beforehand as if you were leading the congregation.
6. Announce which verses ahead of time to let the congregation know.
7. Smile, and be cheerful as you lead singing. This is an uplifting time that prepares the hearts for the preaching of God’s Word.
8. Have your songbook marked ahead of time with all of the songs that will be sung.

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