New Testament Bible Knowledge Test

New Testament Bible Knowledge (one entry per school)
Competition in this category will be by written examination, testing knowlege of factual or objective material (rather than interpretive), from preassigned new Testament books. Specific rules follow:
1. The student will take a one-hour written test.
2. Neither Bibles, reference materials, notes, nor study guides will be allowed in the testing room.
3. Each student will be expected to provide his own pencils. All examinations and answer sheets will be provided.

Academic Testing General Rules
1. Competition will be held at each participating MACS school prior to the State Music and Arts Festival.
2. No student may enter more than (3) Academic Testing categories.
3. Students will submit the proper registration form with their academic tests.
4. A one-hour written examination will be given in each category.
5. Examinations will consist of varying numbers of questions.
6. Where practical, objective questions will be posed in a variety of forms.
7. Award standards will be determined by the Arts and Academic Committee.
8. In categories requiring math computation, scientific calculators will be permitted. However, the following will not be permitted: a) calculators with graphing or multi-line display capabilities, b) calculators which use paper tape or printers, and c) hand-held computers, pocket organizers, or laptop computers. Any necessary tables or charts will be provided.

General Information
The purpose of the Minnesota Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Festival is to assist the youth of our Minnesota Christian Schools in developing their talents for the Lord’s service and to provide an opportunity for fellowship among our youth.
Eligibility. Students from MACS member schools who are in ninth grade (or equivalent) or above, and have not attained the age of 19 by September 1 of the current school year may compete. Students who are in the seventh and eighth grades may compete in the Orchestra/Band and Handbell categories.

Limitations. Only projects which were started since the last MACS Arts and Academic Festival may be entered for participation in the current festival. Students participating in the BIble/Speech Festival may enter up to four performance events. Students may take up to three writing or academic tests. Students participating in the Music/Arts Festival may participate in six performance events NOT including band and choir, and five non-performing events such as arts, photography, or science project.

Festival Ratings. The participants are evaluated by the following standard: Superior (95.5-100), Excellent (89.5-95.49), Good (84.5-89.49), and Fair (59.5-84.49). Any number of students in each event will award places rather than rating: Bible Quizzing, Bible Memory, Spelling, and Academic Test.
Awards. All students will receive certificates according to the rating they receive. Students who achieve superior ratings or first place in individual categories will also receive a medal. Large groups which receive a superior rating will receive trophies.

Dress, Grooming, and Conduct. It is expected that each participate will follow general MACS standards for dress. Given the nature of the festival this would include skirts or dresses to the middle of the knee for women and shirt with ties for men. Men should not have long hair in front or back. Eyes and ears must be clearly visible. Hair must not be below the natural hair line. Men should be clean-shaven with sideburns no longer than the middle of the ear. The conduct of participants is expected to meet the standard for believers in I Timothy 4:12. Patience, kindness, and good sportsmanship is the exemplary rule to follow at all times for all students, sponsors, parents, and visitors. Insubordination or disruptive behavior by any student, sponsor, parent, or visitor toward a judge or festival official will not be tolerated. Behavior which does not exemplify a Christian will be grounds for disqualification.

Photography Policy. No flash photography may be used during performance. Groups may pause a moment after performing if a flash photo is desired. Camcorders, video recorders, and non-flash still photos can be used only if the head judge in a competition room had granted permission.

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