Instrumental Specials for Teenagers

These tutorials, providing specific instruction for youth service night at First Baptist, are for our teenagers who are willing to serve in their local church. For anyone who is interested in playing instrumental specials in church, please observe the following:

Helping provide instrumental special music for a church service or other event can be a tremendous blessing to others. For the local church, instrumental music is important as it prepares the hearts of people for the preaching of God’s Word. If it is planned carefully, prayed over, practiced well, and the right music is played properly, God is sure to receive the glory. And that is exactly the purpose of music – to play your instrument and give praises to our God and give Him the glory.

If God has given you a talent in the area of a particular instrument, you should strongly consider using it for God’s glory and not hide that talent. Here are several instructions for instrumental music that will be a help to you.

1.    Pray that the Holy Spirit would direct you to the right song.
2.    If you are using piano accompaniment, tune to the piano beforehand.
3.    Anticipate fans blowing your sheet music. You can tape it to the stand to be safe.
4.    If you need a microphone, be sure to talk to the sound techs. Either prepare the microphone beforehand or have someone set it up for you on the platform.
5.    Stand with good, confident posture for your best sound.
6.    Try not to be nervous–you are playing for an audience of One.
7.    Put extra stands away and don’t forget to get your music back from the pianist!
8.    Plan your special early; do not wait until the last minute.
9.    Choose a song that is within your ability and talent.
10.    If neededed, secure a piano player by specifically asking someone who is capable and willing to play and practice and put the time in to help you.
11.    Practice, practice, practice! Do not “wing it.”
12.    Give a copy of your music or print the words to your music and be sure to give it to the deaf department so the intepreter has a copy.
13.    Be sure to play so you can be heard. Use a microphone, if needed. The messsage in song is not effective whatsoever if it cannot be heard.
14.    Do not give a testimony or speak before your special.
15.    Be sure your body language is appropriate when playing. Stand still. Make eye contact with others at times, if you are able.
16.    Play your instrument from your heart; do not just play notes.
17.    If someone compliments you about you playing your instrument, remember to say, “Thank you,” but also remember it is God who should receive the glory.
18.    Dress appropriately and modestly. Your special is about bringing glory to God; it is not about drawing undue attention to yourself.
19.    Be sure your hair is out of your eyes and your face area when playing.
20.    If a mistake is made during your special, do not laugh or draw extra attention by jestures, comments, or by other communication. Simply, try to find a starting point and continue.
21.    Remember, you are being watched from the moment you leave to come up and play all the way through the time when you sit down. People see your face before you are playing, while you are playing and after you are done playing.

May God bless you as you minister to others in the area of instrumental music. Thank God for the abilities you have in music.

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