Black and White Photojournalism

Black & White Photojournalism (three entries per school)
This category involves a single photograph suitable for use with a published article. The article should not be included as part of the entry, but a caption or title is necessary. Entries will include such areas as sports, upcoming events, major happenings, and other newsworthy items. Photographs must not fall under the classification of Portrait or Still Life. Entries are not limited to material for church or school publications but must comply with the acceptability criteria for photography.

General Rules for Photography
1. Entry must be the sole work of the student, including selection of film, scene composition, and camera settings.
2. Entries must be mounted photographs, either black and white or color prints, not larger than 8″ x 10″, mounted so as not to exceed 18″ x 30″. No glass should be used in framing. Mounting must be done by the student himself. Pre-made frames and mats may be used, but the photograph should not be professionally mounted by a framing shop. Entries for photojournalism must not be framed but should be mounted on a tag board with the caption or title beneath the photgoraph. All photos must be submitted ready for hanging by means of a hook or wire firmly attached to the photograph frame.
3. Entries may either be processed by the participant or process lab. The manner of processing will not be considred in judging.
4. Entries must arrive for judging in satisfactory exhibition condition, which is the sole responsibility of the Festival participant. MACS is not responsible for entries lost or damaged in transit.
5. Judges’ decisions will be final.
6. Entries must be labeled on the back with the participant’s name and the school name.
7. Each student must complete a judging form and sign the statement or originality.

Criteria for Photography Judging
1. Originality:  The way the medium expresses your own idea rather than following the pattern or form of others.
2. Acceptability:  The subject matter or topic treated must conform to MACS standards of what is acceptable in behavior, dress, etc.
3. Content:  The overall aesthetic quality of the photograph in that proper techniques were employed to produce an artistic result.
4. Composition:  The manner in which the subject is arranged in the photograph.
5. Sharpness:  Crisp rendition of the essential details in the photograph characterized by correct focusing and lack of camera motion.
6. Contrast:  The difference between light and dark used to display the subject to the best advantage.
7. Density:  The accuracy of exporsure exhibited by overall tone quality.
8. Mounting:  The color, texzture, and permanence of the material on which the photograph is exhibited. MACS is not responsible for entries lost or damaged in transit.

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