A Poem from Back Home for Jaclyn

This poem was written by her dad for Jaclyn Graves on Monday, August 14, 2006. This was read by Pastor Rupe on the Tuesday night of Junior Camp at Camp Jim in Minnesota.

Jaclyn, how are you doing? How’s it going there at camp?
I hope you’ve had a great time, hope no rain has made you damp.
We miss you here in Rosemount, even miss it when you don’t cook,
It’s not the same without you, seeing you quiet and readin’ a book.

So are you icky, yucky, sticky, are you filthy too?
Have you played some games at camp? Sweat! I’m sure you do.
Keep clean, my girl, don’t smell real bad, it makes your friends stay away,
Use those items that were packed away for you, they’ll help keep you clean, ok?

When you dive into the water and to the top you are a reachin’,
All those memories are real special, but there’s more, it’s called the preachin’
I pray the Lord tugs at your heart, I hope you’ll listen well,
Whether at camp, at school, at home, or sports, still on Jesus you should dwell.

There are men of God who will preach this week, they’ll challenge you for sure,
Decisions that you have made for Christ, for your life they should endure.
Obey your counselors and guide, pray and read your Bible often,
You wonder why people get away from God, because their heart does not stay softened.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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