35 Questions to Ask When Considering a Bible College

Questions to Ask When Considering a Bible College

By Dr. David Clear, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Rosemount, Minnesota

1. Is the Bible college part of a church ministry or is it para-church?
2. What is the size? (for some small is better, others bigger)
3. What is college chapel like? Is it vibrant, exciting; is there a variety of speakers from what type of backgrounds? Does the chapel lend itself to making decisions?
4. Do they have an emphasis on soul winning? Is it required or optional? How much time do they spend on average going soul winning? Do they follow up those who get saved? Are they discipling converts? What discipleship program do they use?
5. What kind of advertising do they have for the college? What does it say about the school?
6. What kind of facilities do they have? for classes? for dorms? for activities?
7. When was the last time they built a new building?
8. Do they have laundry facilities? any kind of a store for general supplies? Nearest Walmart? or Target?
9. Is the staff friendly? Are the students friendly? How do you know? How many people came up and introduced themselves to you? How many people greeted you in the hallway?
10. Do they have missionaries? Is there an emphasis on missions? Do they do have faith promise missions? Do they have any prayer bands or emphasis on praying for missionaries?
11. What is the pastor like of the church? What is his preaching like?
12. What about the assistant pastors or administrators? What characteristics do they possess?
13. What is the music like? Is it high quality? Is it contemporary or traditional? Does it lend itself to a good spirit or does it seem boring and dead?
14. Do they have a Masters program?
15. What programs do they offer degrees in? Do the subjects for those degrees seem appropriate and interesting to what God wants for you?
16. Do they have a positive social atmosphere for dating?
17. Any emphasis for single ladies? Any emphasis for single men?
18. Any athletic programs? Intramural? What is their purpose?
19) Do they emphasize character or talent?
20) Do they emphasis attitude or appearance?
21) How are the students dressed?
22) What is the food like? What is the attitude of the students toward the meals?
23) Do they welcome parents visiting?
24) What is the work world climate like in the area? Could you find a job in the area to support yourself going through college?
25) What is the cost?
26) Are they near an airport? What kind of options are there for traveling back home?
27) How long are their semesters? How long of a Christmas/summer break is there?
28) Do they offer any scholarships? Academic? Ministry?
29) What is their number one emphasis?
30) Do they help students graduating to find positions?
31) Do they do any special activities? How do they foster spirit?
32) Does the campus feel safe?
33) Are there any things to do off campus?
34) What are the rules or restrictions?
35) What do you think of when you think of a graduate from this college?

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