Youth Group Enjoys Elko Speedway Activity Despite Cold Temps

The temperature was about 28 degrees at Elko Speedway in Elko, Minnesota. That did not dampen the spirit of the 47 people who attended. Many of those attending had never been to a local race before. Upon arrival, tickets were given out and the young people posed in front of both the Elko Speedway sign as well as in front of one of the monster trucks. Mr. Dave passed out earplugs for those wanting them due to the loudness of the monster trucks.

Elko Speedway’s Eve of Destruction included two monster trucks, Bounty Hunter and Barbarian. It also included the likes of drifter cars, short trackers, motorbike stunts, spectator drags (including a guy who wrecked his 1994 Camaro by accidently ramming it into the wall in turn 3), BMX bike stunt tricks, and figure 8 bus races.

Pastor Markley drove for us making the twenty to twenty-five minute drive to Elko as we took just one bus. The cost was $10/each. Elko Speedway worked with us as a church group and did a good job helping us out.

Each person had to bundle up in the very brisk, but very unusual weather for an October 10 night. We left shortly after 5:30 p.m., and we were all back at the school around 10:45 p.m.

The pictures can be viewed at the following link:

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