10 Questions Great Teachers Ask Themselves

1.    Do my students seem to regard me as a person they highly respect, rather than a task master?
2.    Is there some humor and laughter in my classroom when appropriate?
3.    Is courtesy the accepted mode of behavior in my classroom?
4.    Do I seize every opportunity to emphasize good character?
5.    Do I offer my pupils the opportunity to ask as well as answer questions?
6.    Do I stimulate thinking in my classroom by putting questions to the entire class?
7.    Do I realize, recognize, and give attention to individual differences in my students?
8.    Do I offer opportunities for creative activity in my classroom?
9.    Do I praise my pupils when they have done their best, whether the achievement is great or ever so slight?
10.    Are my students challenged and encouraged, rather than bored and discouraged?

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