Flat Tire Liars

Flat Tire Liars

Four high school boys on their way, headed off to their school,
They didn’t go directly, the decision of four fools.
They walked into first hour, every one of them late,
None of them realizing, punishment would soon be their fate.

The boys said they had a flat tire, the teacher said, “See me after class,”
It was a problem she felt, something she wanted dealt with fast.
Showing wisdom and poise, the teacher met each one by one,
The question she would ask them, for each boy wasn’t fun.

It was the simplest of questions, she asked each one as they sat,
Looking each of them in the eye, she asked, “So which tire was flat?”
Some boys said the front tire, while others said the back,
One said the passenger side, another said the driver side was “fact.”

So the moral of this story, from a little poem that you read fast,
No, it’s not agreeing on one tire before walking late to class.
It’s doing right and not lying, no matter what takes place,
For someday there comes a time, when you’ll meet God face to face.

Written by Charlie J. Graves

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